About Jake Gronsky

I’m a recovering professional baseball player turned author.

Some of my work has been featured in the Best American Sports Writing of 2019, ESPN, the FOX Sports Network, and other fancy-pants places that will mean nothing in the end. My journey in life has led me to many wonderful and beautiful people who show us how to become our best when we're at our worst. They give us hope on and off the field.

They are the ones who matter.

They are the ones who's stories need to be told.

So, I write stories about people who inspire me and hope they inspire you too.

P.S. My agent hates when I say this:

I’m not great at social media. So you don’t need to follow me. I prefer email.

But connecting with readers and other authors breathes life into a rather draining app.

If you do follow me, tag me with an article you love (doesn't have to be one of mine), and I'll follow you back. If you're an author, hit me with your latest article, and I'll do the same.

Let's make Writing Twitter a bit brighter. 

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