Jake Gronsky

Stories of ordinary people who do extraordinary things

Noted in 2019 Best American Sports Writing

I was so impressed with his work that I asked him to write my autobiography. Jake’s character and work ethic combine to make him a leader you can depend on.
— David Eckstein, 2006 World Series MVP, 2x MLB All-Star

My Pledge to The Reader:

  1. I believe I am put on this earth to tell the stories of people on the diamond, court, or field that impact those beyond it. I thank God every day for allowing me to do it.

  2. People matter. Stories matter. The way in which the story is told, matters. I will never lose sight of these truths.

  3. I believe the best storytellers are people who are willing to take risks. Fight for something. Chase a dream. Stand for what matters. Then, tell it.

  4. I pledge to take the same mentality to our story as I did as a baseball player. There is no complaining, and no excuse for anything less than my best.

  5. I will always accept constructive criticism. The day I stop striving for a better story is the day I will stop writing.

  6. I am never bigger than the story. Writing, when done correctly, should be an act of humility and not self-admiration.

  7. Memoirs and autobiographies will always hold a soft spot in my heart. You have one chance at connecting your story, your journey, your life to readers that adore you. Working together means we BOTH pledge to bring your words to life.

  8. I do not choose story on “passion.” I write with passion. I live with passion. Passion is not something I chase—it comes with me.

  9. I am entitled to nothing. I am grateful for the opportunities in my life and will never take them for granted.

  10. I will fail. I will make mistakes. I will never be perfect. But I will always make the extra phone call, willingly choose another rewrite, and give every ounce of energy I have until the story is done right. I pledge to always bleed for my stories.


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